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The process of communication has always fascinated Desi Dijkhuizen.  

Since a very young age, she showed her skills as a communication fanatic;

her pen became one of her favorite instruments, next to the camera and the microphone.

Writing has always been part of her life. She uses words in so many different ways.

They are her means of expressing difficult emotions, exploring the inner reaches of her

mind, and simply are a way of making her feel more connected to others.

Besides writing in her native language Papiamentu, she has excellent writing skills in

English, Spanish and Dutch. For her, it’s not only important to learn the language;

she wants to be immersed in its culture.

Desi is originally from Curaçao, a colorful island situated in the southern Caribbean Sea,

off the Venezuelan coast. This island has been her passport to the interesting world of

international languages and cultures. Especially the Spanish language and Latin

American culture captivated her interest since childhood.

It was also for this reason she obtained her Masters degree in Latin American Studies

at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands.  


Next to her studies and her function as a cultural associate and translator at the Embassy of Chile in The Hague, she kept on focusing in pursuing a communications career.  She wrote for different organizations in The Netherlands and enjoyed every single interview with successful talents of her island living abroad. Little did she know that her favorite hobby would open an interesting door back in her home country. 


When she decided to go back to Curaçao in 2012, she received the opportunity to start an English newspaper, which has grown into a well-known paper for tourists and locals. For more than 6 years, this newspaper has given her the opportunity to work even more on her journalism skills, and has been an important part of her career as a communication specialist. Interviews with local and international well-known personalities, translations, editing, copywriting and public relations have been important ingredients of her regular working day. 

In February 2019, Desi made the jump from Employee to Entrepreneur and proudly presents her company Dcommunicates! The name says it all. Desi communicates with you; through words, through translations, through images, through videos. Her essential ingredient is love and passion for communication. Whether you need a translation, newsletters, product promotion or looking to evaluate your presence in a specific marketplace online, Dcommunicates! creates personalized writing programs to fit the needs of each company and product to take it to the next level of success.

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