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        Desi Darlene Dijkhuizen

Charismatic and persuasive media person with a passion for writing and also the ability to inform

audiences on radio and TV. Competent team builder with Public Relations skills and a high dose of determination.                                                                                                  



Founder Dcommunicates!

Dcommunicates! delivers a mind-blowing headline and creative phrases for website content.

Dcommunicates! develops a highly captivating and creative product description content. 

Translations in English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamentu.

Whether it’s a wedding invitation, birthday celebration, baptism, communion, Dcommunicates! has you covered. 

Dcommunicates! develops a creative brochure content that conveys your brand value to clients. 

Dcommunicates! translates your solutions into words that your customers want to read and be convinced of the value of your offerings. 



Editor in chief Amigoe Express – Writer - Public Relations Officer                                                                             

Uitgeverij Amigoe NV, Willemstad, Curaçao


  • Spokesperson of Amigoe Express

  • Contributing editorial pieces for Amigoe newspaper and Amigoe Express

  • Interviewing people in a wide range of circumstances

  • Motivating and developing editorial staff  

  • Planning publicity strategies 

  • Speaking publicly at interviews

2012 - 2019

Political, Cultural Assistant & Translator                                                                                                                           

The Embassy of Chile, The Hague, The Netherlands


  • Prepare written translations of documents and letters in Spanish, English or Dutch

  • Monitor the Dutch press for political, economic, security, cultural and other

       developments relevant to Chilean interests. 

  • Responsible for Treasury Operations of the Latin American and Caribbean Group GRULAC

2010 - 2012



UNESCO Media Development Program                                                                                                       

The 6 month- program was designed to equip journalists, reporters, anchors, and radio show hosts with the right skills for success,

while making the public aware of the role and importance of the media in the functioning of a democracy.



Master’s degree in Latin American Studies                                                                                            

Specialized in Modern Latin American History

Thesis research in Buenos Aires, Argentina: “The Political Power of Argentinean Women”

University of Leiden, The Netherlands


Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies                                                                                      

University of Leiden, The Netherlands



English: fluent

Spanish: fluent

Dutch: fluent 

Papiamentu: native language


Board Member/ Operations Manager/ Blogger Kiva Curaçao

Kiva is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands. The organization’s core business is to represent Curaçao

young professionals living abroad. Kiva believes that informing, discussing and interacting will not only increase the involvement

of the Young Professionals with state affairs, but also simultaneously stimulate them to aid in the sustainable development of Curaçao.

2010 - 2012

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